Doctor Who Birthday Party

9:37 AM

reposting because, well, I am in full party for no reason planning mode!

Last night my son told me he wanted a Doctor Who birthday party. Nevermind that said party was to take place the next day.  Being  avid Doctor Who fans, I thought over the episodes we have watched over and over and thought how could I make something cool on a looooow budget. No time to order anything, no time to really plan, I decided, not to make Dalek cupcakes, or a Tardis cake, but instead, opted to keep it simple. I bought some napkins, white cups, buttons, ribbon, 50 cent  paint and blue wrapping paper.

A Tardis out of the wrapping paper, the 11th Doctor out of the other items and some simple candy talk bubbles I wrote on with an edible marker. My son loved it and I am happy that it turned out cool.

I guess this means, he wins. No more House marathons on Netflix...time to go back to The Doctor.

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