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11:51 AM

It has been a super weird two weeks or so here in Mississippi. We battled what we believe to be Artic like cold winds and weather that caused the whole state to shutdown.  The kids got a couple snow days because of a half inch of snow and icy roads and I got a chance to prepare them some good lunches.

Here is our week or so in food highlights.

Mixed greens with microgreens, veggies and fruit. I topped it off with goat cheese, cranberry and tarragon crumbles and EVOO, cracked pepper, salt and vinegar. Served with a side of prosciutto. 

Roast beef po'boys, strawberry shortcake, lemon pepper fries, salad were the chosen ones for game night.

One snow day consisted of a charcuterie snack board to help them get their the ever so cold day.

Homemade biscuits coated in egg batter and fried like french toast was the base of our breakfast sandwiches. So flipping good!

Chile lime whole roasted chicken, dumplings, salad and steamed red bean paste buns were another highlight. The kids love anything Asian. 

Warmer weather gave way to cooking over an open fire outdoors. Bone in ribeye, acorn squash, sauteed baby greens with stuffed bacon wrapped jalepenos, and grilled fish all cooked outdoors over a campfire. The kids love helping to build the fire and seriously this is just like grilling...but without the grill. So relaxing to me.

We love changing up our menus. I do not just want to pin recipes and hope to one day make them, I want to make them. My kids are pretty susceptible to anything I throw their way. After all, a diverse  palate can produce a diverse human being. 

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