Apple Butter & Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin

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I have to confess, I have only made pork loin once in my life before this and when I did, it was one of those preseasoned ones that was not stuffed. We do not eat a lot of pork (unless it is bacon, because bacon is the goodness) so I never really thought I was missing out.  But then I kept seeing these gorgeously stuffed porkloin that just looked amazing. I never understood how people could make them look so perfect and so good. I wanted to try. I had to try. I wanted to tackle the feat that was stuffing a pork loin.

I was a bit apprehensive because it looked complicated. I mean, how did they get it to swirl like that. As much as I cook, I do not know how to do a lot of things and jelly rolling stuff is one. When I bought the pork, I thought it would already be ready to stuff and roll but I looked at that big chunk of meat and was like, okayyyy.

Believe me, it really is not as hard as I thought it would be. It really was super easy...and I had a dull knife!

I stuffed my pork loin with a sausage mixture flavored with sweet honey apple butter from Kyvan. Oh my word. Goodness indeed.

Using Kyvan Dry BBQ rub, gave the outside a nice contrasting taste to balance out the sweetness inside.  Smokey and deep with hints of that apple really hit the best notes.  My kids loved it and there was not a piece left to be packed up in the fridge as leftovers.

This is a perfect family meal to change things up at the dinner table!

You will need:

Pork loin
1 Tube Pork Sausage
6 Slices of Toasted Bread or 2 cups of bread crumbs
1 1/2 cup Kyvan Apple Butter
1/2 cup Kyvan Dry BBQ Rub
1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cut potatoes, onion, carrots and celery

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Start slicing your pork loin, when you get almost to the end, slowly turn the meat to continue slicing. You can watch a video on how to butterfly a pork loin, here.

Cover the loin with plastic wrap and beat with meat mallet or whatever you have handy (I used a rolling pin) to tenderize the meat. Remove plastic wrap.

Cook sausage on medium heat until done and in crumbles. In bowl crumble your toasted bread or add in your bread crumbs, toss in your cooked sausage and pour in your apple butter. Mix well. Mixture will be thick like a paste.  Spread your sausage mixture over the pork loin. 

Starting at one end, begin to roll, like a cinnamon or jelly roll. Once at all roll, tie with your butcher's twine to hold it together.

Place in roasting pan, fat side up and add in your chopped veggies. Drizzle with your olive oil and sprinkle all of the bbq dry rub on the meat and vegetables.

Roast in 450 degrees F oven for about 10 minutes then reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F. Continue to roast for 55 to 60 minutes or until instant-read meat thermometer inserted into the pork, but not in the stuffing, reads 150 to 155 degrees F and the potatoes are fork tender.

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