What I Am Digging: 5 Things This Week I Love

11:03 AM

Being a photographer who spends the majority of her time at home while the kids are at school, I spend a lot of time looking over things online. From reading and catching up on the news, to watching youtube, surfing pinterest and foodgawker to no end, I am always seeing things that I love.

Each week from now on, I will be sharing some of the things that I see and absolutely fall in love with. Recipes, gadgets, gift ideas, articles, anything that I find online that I like, I will share with you guys.

So for this week, here is what I have been looking at and drooling over, check em out, peeps!

  1. This super easy homemade wine recipe from PawPaw. I have a few batches fermenting as I type. 
  2. Seriously, Maple Cinnamon homemade marshmallows? Just in time for the upcoming holidays, this recipe by Joy Food Sunshine looks amazing.
  3. Tell Me Tuesday's Rosemary, Grapefruit and Gin Cocktail looks so refreshing. Has me daydreaming about summer in our newly sprung fall. 
  4. There is something about an all white table that I am loving lately...really digging this tablescape by Home Oh My.
  5. Why yes, please....Carnitas Tacos over at The Tortilla Channel. Drools.
I have made a bucket list for myself of sorts.  It is to actually make or do something that I pin on pinterest or something I run across online that I like. These are small time things and simple things but seriously, you have to start chipping away at the over 4,000 things you have pinned. 

Here's to making and doing!

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