Simple Family Dinner Platters

3:29 PM

DIY Sandwich Tray. Arrange all the necessities for a tasty sandwich and let everyone make their own.

Being a mama of four means that some days, I just don't feel like doing a lot of cooking. On those days, I find it easier to just make sandwiches, or put together a simple platter for the kids.

Fajita Platter.  It took me about fifteen minutes to cook the steak and chicken and veggies, then it was just laying them out to be eaten. Super easy and we all love fajitas around here!

I always try to make things look nice for my kids. I grab a bit of fruit, some things they can either assemble themselves or put together a tray of sandwiches that they can just have at it.

Homemade fries and chicken and turkey sandwiches on bagels are refreshing and filling. 

These are just a few of the platters I have made for them. When they get out of school, these are waiting on them. We do some of everything.  These are also simple ideas when you have a few friends over. Everything is nice, healthy and delicious and you did not spend hours in the kitchen!

Poboys are popular here in the South. I fried up some catfish, steamed some mussels and we had a simple dinner ready to be picked up and devoured.

These seriously save my sanity. All. the. time. 

Happy eating!

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