Pinterest & Instagram Fail : NYC Milkshake/Freakshake

10:12 AM

 So last year I started seeing milkshakes everywhere. All on instagram people were posting these epic and delicious looking milkshakes. They were massive. They had everything you could imagine on and in them. They were gigantic.  Topped with any type of candy you could coordinate to match in color or theme, I was like, "You know I gotta make one...or two". And so I did.  Or at least I attempted to.

Truth is, my four candy loving kids would not touch the things. They looked at them like I had committed murder of precious, beautiful candies and they had just wandered onto the crime scene. They would not even take a sip.

My oldest looked at my horrified and said, "No way am I eating that coma."

I looked at the milkshakes, all the blood sweat and spilled milk that I had put into creating it and realized it was a bit much.

My kids stood around the milkshakes, took a piece of candy and left the room.

My poor melting abstract masterpiece stood alone, against my homemade backdrop, anticipating its demise.

Are people actually finishing these things? It seems so wasteful, as I tried to salvage my poor milkshakes and put them in the freezer...only to have to throw them out the next month. Seriously, my 13, 14, 15, and 18 year olds wanted nothing to do with it.

I failed at this one. Not only did they not eat it, it was hell to put together. Try taking turned into a mushy mess of milk, soggy candy, cake and ice cream.

I don't think I will make these again. They are pretty and nice to look at but then you think of all the sugar, and I remember how even four kids would not even attempt to finish or even try one, and I have to give it a pass.

But gosh darn if they are not a feast for the eyes.

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