Delicious and Easy Bloody Mary

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Yeah, here I am old as all get out and whowouldathunk that I have never had a bloody mary. To me, the idea of tomatoes and alcohol was a bit of a turn off. I mean, really? And I won't mention that one time my friend bought me a bottle of black pepper vodka so that I could try bloody marys and it sat and sat and sat in the cabinet until I finally threw it out 3 years later. It was just not something I could imagine drinking.

So one day, I was walking in my favorite store ever, Kroger (swoon), and they always have amazing samples at the cheese counter. This particular day, there was not the usual gourmet cracker paired with some delicate and stinky delicious cheese, it was a small cup with some tomato looking juice in it and a green bean. Yeah. A green bean. It was that green bean that caught my eye. I grab a cup and take a  bite of the green bean. Ohhhhhh, a pickled green bean! Then I took a swig. Oh some deliciously dill tomato-y concoction that was sorta spicy. It was delicious. One of the best things I have tasted.

It was McClure's Bloody Mary mix and  a Rick's Mean Green Bean (at 13 bucks a jar locally, they are online much cheaper).  Yes, lawd. Yes. I was so good.

I bought two jars of the mix, a jar of the green beans.

I chose not to add alcohol to my Bloody Mary because still, the thought kind of does not sit well with me but if it is your thing, you have got to try this mix.

I topped mine with a slab of beef jerky, pickled okra (Talk O'Texas), olive, celery, lime and the rim is covered in Tajin seasoning. Yes. I even made some super mini two sip ones for my kids and the Mormon Missionaries who had stopped by...because hey, I like to have my kids try different stuff and it was a super tasty non-alcoholic drink.

Just might serve these at the murder mystery dinner party I am having for friends and family in two weeks.

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