Family Movie Night & Wings

4:38 PM

I serve my wings this way, with fried new potato wedges, some veggies and toast. 

My family loves movies. We watch some of everything. I used to be really restrictive of what my children could watch, but as they get older, our spectrum continues to expand. While we love horror movies (especially badly acted ones that we can poke fun at), we love a good family movie with adventure.

Here are some of our favorite family adventure movies:

Spirited Away

We like this movie because not only does it have magic in it, it has a good story to it. One courageous girl, lots of weird looking and fun characters and of course a quest that she has to complete.

City Of Ember

From IMDB:  When mankind is about to come to an end, a group of scientists decide to create and populate a city deep underground. The city of Ember is to last for 200 years after which its inhabitants are to retrieve from a strong box instructions to return to the surface. Over time however, the message is lost and life in Ember is rapidly deteriorating. Their power supply is failing and food is being rationed. It's left to two young adults to unearth the secret of Ember and to lead the way out. Written by garykmcd

Crusade in Jeans

From IMDBAfter using his mother's newly built time machine, Dolf gets stuck in the year 1212. He ends up in a children's crusade where he confronts his new friends with modern techniques. However, the Crusade turns out to be even trickier than he first imagined. Written by lettor

The Thief Lord

From IMDB: A tale about two young boys, Prosper and Bo, who flee to Venice after being orphaned and dumped in the care of a cruel auntie. Hiding in the canals and alleyways of the city, the boys are befriended by a gang of young urchins and their enigmatic leader, the Thief Lord. From their home base of an old cinema theater, the children steal from the rich to support themselves and soon capture the interest of a bumbling detective. However, a greater threat to the children is something from a forgotten past-- a beautiful magical treasure with the power to spin time itself. Written by Kasey and Toby

While we do a lot of full meals around here, movie night is a chance for us to indulge. We like the food to be fun and usually something we can eat with our hands. So we grab the paper plates and go to town.

Here are a few wing recipes I have found that you might want to give a try on your next movie night.

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