2 Soups That Warm The Soul

10:46 PM

So this weekend I had a shoot out of town. I stayed in a super fabulous hotel with two of my children and my best friend.

Life was good.  The party went great. The hotel stay was great and my kids had a great time.

The only downside?

Traveling 3 hours back home in a car with no heat. Yes.

That was my life.

No heat.

While my teeth chattered and I reminded myself that many before heated cars, traveled way further with no heat, I got to thinking of the most warming foods.

And here you have it...while I suffered riding with my toes slowly turning to icicles and bundling coats on my little ones in the back seat, here are two recipes I think would more than warm the soul and your toes.

Brunswick Stew

From what I can gather of this, it is usually and typically made from any leftover meats and veggies you have from the week. I first heard of this when it was regularly on the menu in the winter months at the end of the week at the gas station down from my house. (Yep, gas stations in the south, have bonefide cooks and stuffs in their kitchens...aint no half stepping here!)

My mom's family is from Texas. While they are not Mexican or of any other descent that I know of, they are very well versed in Mexican foods. I remember one Christmas spent with my late uncle, boiling a hog head and grinding it for tamales. It was epic. I never did taste those hog head tamales and nor did I ever taste his menudo.

When one of my cousins posted a bowl of homemade menudo, I was interested. I took to youtube and discovered that there was a canned Menudo that got rave reviews. While I still have to get over the texture of the tripe, this soup was so dang good! And I only had it from the can! I can only imagine what the real deal tastes like.

No matter what recipe you use, these are ideas to expand upon. Let me know what you think or if you have a recipe that will knock my socks off.

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