Holiday Recap: Pies

12:03 AM

The holidays are here and it is all about desserts. I have finally finalized my Christmas menu (going a wee bit English traditional) and will be making an apple pie for the first time.

When it comes to making pies, I love pretty pies. Yes, I want them to no only taste good but look good too. I like that taking a little bit more time shows my family they are worth it. After all it does not happen all the time. Holidays are special because of the extra effort.
I saw a post by Sweet Paul about leaf pie crusts. It had me smitten. So gorgeous, I had to try. Nope, I am no professional baker but I think they turned out pretty good. I used premade pie crust to cut out my design and add to my pies. Of course, you can make your own, but this was a great time saver for me. 
I made peach pie, blackberry, and buttermilk pies. Everyone loved them.

When it comes to your pie, be creative. Everyone loves a good pie.

Take a fork and draw designs on your top crust. Use a spoon and press semi circles around the crust. Braid the crust and be patient. Oh how braiding can make you cry. Don't worry if it breaks. Keep rolling it out and trying again.

Seriously, the payoff is worth the extra effort.

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