The Fat Stack Sandwich

6:09 PM

Of course I am madly into making sandwiches. They are quick and easy to make. The combinations that you can come up with are  endless.  Sometimes we go big with making our sandwiches and sometimes we go small.

Meet the Fat Stack. He is huge but trust me, the size of him really depends on you. The sandwich in the photograph was split in half and shared between my son and I. I had a variation of this sandwich at a local book store and fell in love with the Capicola meat. Oh my word. Yes.

To make this sandwich, you will need:

Corned Beef
Pork Loin thinly sliced
Coarse Spicy Brown Mustard
Light Rye Bread
Swiss Cheese

Assemble it by just stacking everything and believe me, you will be thankful for this combination. I love mustard, so I put it on both slices of my bread.

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