Seafood Boil: Lobster, Crab, Mussels Artichoke and More

1:19 AM

Today, for Labor Day, I invited over a couple friends and my uncle for a seafood boil.

It was my first time attempting this feat and I will say this:

Do not attempt to make inside.  I had everyone sneezing from the strong aroma of the seafood boil seasoning. 
This would be perfect for these warm game days. 
Have a  big pot. I mean, a really big pot. Like an army pot or turkey deep fryer type pot. You should have seen my stove, all burners working full blast with the four regular size pots I had.

Despite those things, everything was really good. I will attempt this again, but of course, I will not make the same mistakes twice.

What I like about seafood boils is that you prep, and you throw everything in a pot of boiling water and come back to some delicious goodness.

I added artichoke to my boil and I am so glad I did. Even though no one but my oldest and I ate it, if you love artichoke, it is really good and tender when boiled and paired with the other seafood. I made a simple remoulade sauce for it and yes, I tore it up. 

I used Zatarain's Extra Spicy Crawfish Shrimp and Crab Boil and trust me, a little of this goes a long way. It is super spicy but my family loves spicy. I did make a small batch of regular seafood and veggies without the extra spice, but we are hot heads here so it was perfect. When you squeeze lemon on everything and add a bit of melted butter, it brings the spice level down to a really enjoyable bit of heat and taste.

This is one of the most expensive meals I have made. I will be making it again, but it will be reserved for more special occasions as being a mama of four, this could be very pricey. 

I included:
Lobster claws
King Crab Legs
Crab Legs
Sausage Links
Smoked Turkey Wings
Lemon Halves

I served with crusty baguettes, lemon wedges, and melted butter for dipping.

This would be perfect for those warm game days. What about a little football and seafood?

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