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I love making school lunches for my kids. I guess it is the thrill of coming up with new ideas to try that my kids will actually like and eat. I have this weird notion that if children can be diverse in their eating, they are more accepting of the diversity of people. We try lots of foods that are often cultural.

When it comes to school lunches, we try to be healthy and balanced. I include a fatty or sugary sweet but for the most part, everything is fresh. Since I include veggies, fruit and a dairy product along with the main entree, I like a certain look and vibe to the lunch boxes. No oozing, no leaks, no mixing of the foods from being tossed in the backpack. I need a box that will stand up to my now 11 year old.

Here are a few that I found that I really like.

These are by Bentgo Kids.  I love the compartments in the box it self and the tray is removable for when you are prepping the lunch. The lidded cups are perfect for sauces, dips, etc and a drinking cup with lid can be purchased. I love that they keep it simple and modern in design and they come in four colors: purple, green, blue and gray.  The box itself averaging $30. 

Available in a variety of colors with cute little drawings inside for food placement, I love the clear dividers and more whimsical approach that Yumbox takes. You can order a carrying bag from this company as well. You can get them with either 4 compartments or six. The tight lined lid sure ensure that there is no leakage or items mixing with others in the tray.

What I like about these is that they are collapsible. The Ultrathin ones are of course not collapsible but I like how they are so thin that they will take up less space in the backpack. My only concern with the Ultrathin would be the types of foods that could be packed.  These choices and more can be found by SmartPlanet. They have a nice selection of different design options to fit many meal packing needs.

While these are not lunch boxes, I fell in love with them when I saw them. Originally popsicle molds, they are perfect for packing snacks.  You can find them on Amazon, these Smoozie Pop molds are perfect for back to school. 

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