Travel Snack Idea...

11:42 PM

Summer is in full swing and that means travel for most families. Some are skipping on the planes and opting for road travel instead. With kids on the road, and a schedule to keep, taking snacks on the road with you is essential.

I love this idea of a snack case. I found this child size case in the hardware section of Wal Mart. You should be able to find some similar in most stores. They are used to house nails, fishing gear and pieces but are perfect for snacks!

You can even personalize the front using colorful or metallic sharpies with your child's name or a cute design.

I love it because you can place in it enough snacks for the duration of the drive. So it limits the time you need to stop and shop for food or snacks.

My kids loved this and it was just an easy way to show my kids they are worth the extra effort of debagging these badboys.

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