Spicy Italian on Focaccia

12:49 PM

I love sandwiches. Lunch around here almost always consists of a sandwich in one shape or fashion. There are just so many possibilities, so many variations, so many tasty combinations to try and it takes little prep time.

I always base my sandwich combination off of the type of bread. I love a really nice bread that will not get soggy and fall apart or worse, stick to the roof of my mouth. I want a delicious sturdy bread. Most of my sandwiches are made from fresh rolls from the deli.

For your next sandwich, why not try focaccia?  Bake for about 5 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees to heat the bread and add a slight crustiness, then slice in the middle. For this sandwich, I did basic toppings and dressing. I slathered the bottom bread in mayo, topped with slice turkey, layered salami, pepperoni, canadian bacon, fresh spinach, tomato and crumbled feta cheese. I also sprinkled a nice olive oil and vinegar mixture that I made by infusing italian seasoning in the bottle. Of course, I also added hot peppers because I love spicey!

What is your favorite sandwich combination?


Liberian Pepper Soup: Coming Soon

11:13 PM

I traveled to Chicago last week and as always it was a food addict's paradise.

I had the honor and my stomach had the priviledge of dining on a traditional African dish: Pepper Soup.

Oh. My. Word.

It is not the easiest or most appealing thing to photograph but trust me. It. Is. GOOD.

Aint nothing like this soup. It kinda reminds me of the story, Stone Soup. A little bit of everything is put in this but the crushed eggplant, okra and tons of seafood make this dish spectacular.

Crab. Chicken. Roasted turkey. Fish. Neckbones. Snails. Mussels. Shrimp. Steak.  It is like a meat heaven.

Add in some fufu and yes!

I will be recreating this dish soon. I only hope I can find snail meat locally. Here's to hoping the Asian Food Market has something for me. The snails is my favorite part.


Happy Easter!

8:12 PM

I am of course, always last minute.

I did not decide on a cake until last night and that meant my friends scrambled to the store to pick me up chocolate bunnies and cake mix. I ended up venturing into the front yard pulling up various flowers while looking like a maniac in my skull cap. I am sure the neighbor's kids were traumatized by my appearance. But those flowers coupled with the ones I picked up from the store were perfect for a simple Easter table.

Nothing fancy here, just a cool table that cost me all of $15. We had a great dinner my mom made and the kids enjoyed their egg hunt. Each prepared an Easter lesson for us for the REAL reason for the day.


Carrot Garden Cupcakes...

11:11 PM

While scanning pinterest for Easter ideas I ran across this super cute idea. I have always wanted to make cupcakes in flower pots and found some fabulous silicon baking pots at WalMart. I knew it was meant to be for me to make these. Super easy, although messy to make, they are so cute!

I found this idea over at Frog Prince Paperie.

You need:
Cake mix (mixed as directed)
Large Marshmallows
Melting Chips (I used yellow and mixed with a few drops of red food coloring)
Edible grass (Or make your own using green soft candies you make into strings)
Chocolate cookies (finely crushed)
Chocolate Frosting
Orange Sugar Crystals

Melt your chips and add food coloring to make orange if you have yellow.  Quickly coat the marshmallows in the melted coating, then dip the top into orange sugar crystals. I used a chopstick to stick the marshmallows on and then swirled into the coating. Place on wax paper to set.

Cut a slit into the top of the marshmallows once they have dried. Using a chopstick, I pushed the 'leaves' into the top of  each 'carrot'.

Frost your cupcakes and then top with the crushed cookies. Then firmly place a 'carrot' into the center.

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