Happy New Year From Mississippi!

7:53 PM

Here in the South there are certain 'traditional' foods that you just 'have' to make and eat on New Year's Day. For as long as I can remember, our meals on that day have never changed. It has been the exact same. This year was no different. My mother made ham hocks, neck bones, fried chicken and pig feet.

Why the pig feet? I mean, I can understand ham hocks, they at least have meat, but pig feet? Um, that is pure-dee fat.

Here it is day two of 2015 and guess what...the pig feet are chilling in the refrigerator in a sealed container because no. one. touched. them.

But everything else....gone!  The greens are supposed the be for money and the black eyed peas mean luck. I have no idea what the ham hock and pig feet are supposed to mean other than 'let's be daring and eat something completely fattening'....who knows.

Alas, it was an excellent dinner and I am so thankful to see another year.

Happy 2015!

*This twice baked sweet potato recipe will be up next week!

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