Thanksgiving Recap

9:35 PM

Thanksgiving was amazing. My mama threw down and the bread, cake and homemade cranberry sauce I made was a hit.  I kept the table simple by pulling some magnolia leaves off of our tree and just placing it on the table. Here is a pictorial recap. Oh yeah.

My mom's friend made a four layer caramel cake. If you are in the South or from the South, you know that these are HARD to come by. Not many people make them since the caramel is soooo tricky. Caramel cake is completely homemade. There is no box cake mix used and no caramel wrapped candies used in the icing. It is one of the most perfect cakes EVER. This is one cake that I am determined to learn how to make next year. It is also one of my top three favorite cakes ever.

My mom spent two days smoking and grilling. She made pulled pork, ribs, chicken breasts, and leg quarters. I was in heaven. And nothing, NOTHING beats her southern cornbread dressing. It is creamy and if golden could be a taste, it would taste golden. This recipe will be going up before Christmas. I hope she shares with me! 

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