Ready For The Holidays

12:37 PM

Halloween is right around the corner and then we are kicking the holiday season into full gear. We have a white tree this year for Christmas, so I have been on Pinterest looking for red and white holiday inspiration. All that red and planning made me remember these!

I made these last year and they were featured full page in 2013's Yum Food And Fun for Kids Holiday issue. These are cute, simple and fun!

A great alternative to the traditional milk and cookies we leave out for Santa and perfect for children's winter parties.

Chocolate chips
Powdered donuts
Fruit leather
Milk bottles

Fill your glass with milk and top with a powdered donut. Insert a straw for easy sipping and garnish with a nice red strip of fruit leather and chocolate buttons down the bottle.  *Leave the chocolate at room temperature and they will stick the the glass on their own. A quick, easy and fun addition to any party or perfect holiday treat for your little ones.

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