Another School Lunch Idea

4:56 PM

I do not pack lunches for my kids everyday. In fact, usually only one of my kids request lunch and she only takes one three days a week. I try different stuff with the lunches and if anything makes its way back home, I know to never pack that lunch again.

I have never packed a sandwich in a lunch before other than something in a pita or a falafel but I saw this idea on pinterest. It is the case of 'if it looks good' they will eat it. For the first time in like ever, all of my kids asked to take this lunch to school.

Nothing extraordinary, just a sandwich....on a stick.

In this one, I made two. Turkey and cheddar and roast beef and cheddar. I included fresh honeydew melon, cottage cheese with strawberry sauce, raw broccoli, watermelon chunks and blackberries. Of course, could not forget the pickle.

It is just a sandwich. Stacked on a stick and topped with a cherry tomato. They loved it.

I used french bread that I cut into cubes. And layered with the meat and lettuce. I do recommend thinly sliced cheese...otherwise it will break when folding it.  I used Sargento's Ultra Thin Cheese Slices.

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