Paczki Attempt #1

6:37 PM

Here at my house, we try all kinds of foods. I am always online looking for amazing foods and dishes to try with my kids. My saying is that of Andrew Zimmern..."If it looks good, eat it".  Being in Mississippi it is hard to find a great variety in ethnic or cultural foods. The internet has been wonderful at helping me find ways to prepare dishes from around the world right here at home.

For my daughter's school lunch, I decided on pierogies. I was sucked into the vortex of Youtube the other night and some how ended up on Jenny Jone's (the talk show host) cooking channel. Who knew she was Polish?!  She shared some amazing recipes and after stuffing cabbage leaves last night, I decide pierogies and Paczki would be perfect to add to a school lunch.

I did make some mistakes. My dough for the Paczki was not smooth like the one I saw...maybe I was impatient and should have kneaded it more or let it rise more. Despite that, the taste was amazing and so good. It is different from your traditional doughnuts. It was a huge hit with my kids and my mom who does not like sweets!

I will be trying this again.  Here is the link to the recipe I followed. I found it on youtube.

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  1. Bardzo ciekawie napisane. Super wpis. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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