Honey Glazed Fried Biscuit Bites

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At the end of July, I spent some time at my cousin's house in Georgia. Her husband is an amazing Southern chef who is just magic in the kitchen. While there, he made a host of things for me to try and of course, I was eager to sample. One night, he starting cutting up frozen biscuits. Not the refrigerated kind, but the homemade buttermilk biscuit kind. I sat at the counter and watched. Next thing I knew he had thrown them in the deep fryer and was serving them up to me covered in powdered sugar.

Oh. My.

They were little crispy balls of heaven. I told him when I left, I had to try my hand at making some using my simple biscuit recipe.

I do not have any step by step photos for this recipe because, I made them in a hurry. I was setting up and making food for a vintage tailgating shoot for Town and Gown Magazine here in Starkville. I knew I wanted these bad boys in the set up but the hustle and bustle meant, no time for step by steps.

Seriously, there is no need though. I have a biscuit recipe you can find here on my blog. Instead of flattening out the dough, you cut it into circles (I use a small mason jar or glass cup) then cut it into quarters.

With a pot full of vegetable oil on medium heat, pop your biscuits in. Remove when they are golden. Place on a paper towel to drain the grease. In a bowl, place your fried biscuits in and cover them with honey. Toss to evenly coat and there ya go!

These are the perfect little treats to serve at parties with small chicken tenders on a kabob or on a tray of their own. I love these.

To see more of this vintage tailgating set up and other recipes pick up your copy of Town and Gown if you are in Northern Mississippi.  Thank you to Catina Williams for helping with this set up and Sarah Vaughn and Sarah Hinton for helping bring what I saw in my head to life so I could shoot it. I had an idea and they helped make it happen. We all worked together, bringing in items and styled what I think is gorgeous!

Also, thank you to my friend, Joseph who made these perfect rustic chalkboards for me. You can find his shop on Etsy, he takes custom orders!

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