Candy Skewers....

5:48 PM

So school started here in Mississippi today and while I homeschool one of my sons, it was a bit bittersweet to watch them go. I got into my home school routine, cooked dinner and then sat down with my youngest son to make First Day of School candy skewers. I made these in Atlanta a week ago and they were such a hit, I decided to do it today for my kids.

They are super easy to make but sugar from the candy gets every where, so be prepared.

You will need wooden skewers, Airhead Xtremes or other ribbon gummie candies or various sour gummies.

Start by rolling the candy around in a circle, after you have the desired width you would like, pierce with the skewer just enough to make it stay in place. Begin folding the other ribbons on top of each other and pierce and bring them up from the bottom of the skewer. Decorate and alternate as you would like.

I will definitely be making these from time to time as gifts or favors. I love how cute they are. Of course, my kids were only allowed to eat a bit of them. So much sugar! I asked them to save some for tomorrow.

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