Easy Candy Slushes

1:18 AM

This has been blowing up on pinterest, so I thought I would reshare! It is the perfect homemade summer treat.

My youngest son, Anderson just had a birthday. He turned 11 and being the Sonic slush-aholic-that he is, he wanted slushes at his birthday dinner. Mind you, he never deviates from the 'green apple' slush, I finally got him to try another flavor and I made it at home. These are super easy and perfect to make while we battle this heat here in the South.

You will need:
Nerds Candy
Airheads Extreme Sours
Hawaiian Punch To Go

I used the Hawaiian Punch To Go because each of my children wanted a different flavor. Being that you can get like six packets for a dollar and each packet is enough for one drink, I thought it was perfect.

Mix your drink mix and water and pour over ice in your blender. Add in a few Nerds candy if you like (they will lose their color in the slush, so they will be white pellets of sugar). Blend until ice is that nice slushy consistency. Pour in your glass, top with Nerds and garnish with a sour Airheads candy ribbon. I placed mine of a toothpick to make the ribbon garnish.

My kids loved them. Simple, quick and made right at home.

* I have seen adult versions of these with much more candy on top and of course, alcohol. Would make a nice frozen cocktail.

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