Toffee Popcorn Cake...umm, yes!

12:00 PM

I love making cakes but I cannot bake. I have never made my own cake mix from scratch. Now, my mom....she throws down on homemade cakes.  One of these days, I will try my hand at baking a cake from scratch. Memorial Day was just not the day to start.

What I like about making cakes is that the possibilities in decorating and taste are endless. While I may not be a master piper or be able to make fondant toppers, I like using common things to make cakes look kinda cute, funky, different.

I saw a cake on pinterest of a peanut butter cake topped with caramel popcorn. I was like, whoah. Yes.

This cake is not one that comes with a recipe, it is just an idea...something that you can easily recreate at home and believe me, although it looks less than the way I wanted it to look, it did not make it past an hour of cutting into it. Everyone LOVED it.

The filling is premade Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cheesecake Filling. The topping is a fresh ganace I made.

For the ganache, 1/2 cup of heavy cream with  1 cup chocolate chips...slowly melt on low heat until smooth in a double boiler. I did not have a double boiler so the pyrex measuring cup over a boiler worked just fine for me.

Assmeble your cake....I used a double fudge cake mix baked as directed. I spread the filling on each layer, including the top. Making a bit of a mess, I topped with the chocolate ganache, added a huge heaping of toffee popcorn with peanuts and placed it in the refrigerator until serving.

Everyone was like, "Why did you not make two!?" I guess that means I should make another this weekend. 

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