Coming Up...And Headed North...

2:35 PM

Next weekend will be one busy one for me. I am headed to Chicago to teach a photography workshop with another amazing photographer and featuring some fabulous young ladies and one of a kind high fashion costumes. Excited for two reasons....photographing editorial style, teaching--yes!  The other reason...fooooood! Oh Chicago how I have missed you and your delicious Italian beef sandwiches drenched in peppers and au jus. How I have longed for your deep dish pizzas and Chicago-style hot dogs. I can. not. wait.

I will be working on posting the steps and recipes for these dishes. Simple, quick and perfect for the upcoming summer nights.

Bacon infused beef meatballs and marinara over penne pasta.

Turkey and Fried Green Tomatoes Sandwich

Sriracha skewers and pineapple-grapefruit spritzer.

Of course, when I go to Chicago, I plan to document all of my food adventures.  Last time I was there I had the most awesome Liberian pepper soup. Oh gosh....I die.

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