Summer! Crawfish Party

12:26 PM

Last year, for my daughter's 9th birthday I put together a simple crawfish party. Being here in the South, nothing says warm weather and good times like crawfish, corn and potatoes. Messy to eat but oh so good, these little mini lobsters ( as we say) are a batch of deliciousness. I am planning a crawfish boil and movie night this year for my kids and cannot wait to get my hands on these badboys.

Here are a few tips for you if you are hosting a crawfish boil.

Since the meat is only in the tail, be sure when buying you buy a lot.

When I purchase, I try to get at least a pound or more per person.

Add in 2-3 potatoes (red) per person and 1 piece of corn per person.

Have plenty of napkins or wet wipes because it is sure to get messy.

Serve on newspaper or shipping paper for easy cleanup.

Be sure you know how to peel them so you can help guests who are new to the crawfish game. I found this little graphic online from Southern Living that shows ya how to peel em.

And seriously, how cute are these super awesome treats for your younger guests by Living Locurto!? I die. I die from the cuteness!

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