Italian Stallion Sub Sandwiches

9:46 PM

Repost while I work on some amazing things to share! This sandwich is perfect for Super Bowl parties!

I love making sandwiches. With a family consisting of four children, it is quick, simple and the kids love them. Being that I love sandwiches, I am always trying different combinations so it does not get boring. Peanut butter and jelly is so good but this Italian Stallion meatball sub with tons of meat and marinara sauce is soooo much better.

Sometimes making the perfect sandwich is just throwing everything but the kitchen sink onto that bad boy. The possibilities literally are endless when it comes to making them, only your taste buds and creativity is the limit!

For this sandwich you will need:
Bread (of course or you can even try it in a lettuce wrap or tortilla)
Marinara Sauce
Canadian Bacon
Fresh Mozzarella

I did not get my camera out in time but for my meatballs, I mixed in sauteed sundried tomatoes that I diced, chopped fresh parsley and italian seasoning with a bit of Creole seasoning. I mixed well and formed into balls.

I cooked my meatballs on low/meduim while covered in a skillet until done.

Now you just assemble your sandwich. Start by spreading marinara on the brea, then layering the salami, canadian bacon and then slices of pepperoni. Add your meatballs, top with sauce and then slices of mozzarella. Place sandwich open in oven on broil until cheese melts into some seriously ooey gooey goodness.

Remove and serve hot and toasty. Kinda messy but seriously tastes like a pizza! It would have been even better topped with sauteed mushrooms and some sliced black olives. Oh yes, please!

Also, Go Gluten Free hits newsstands throughout the US next week! You will find two of my recipes in it. So thankful and excited about it!

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