Pinterest Love: Easter Tablescape Inspiration

6:13 PM

So I have been scowering pinterest for Easter inspiration. With it right around the corner, I have been busy coming up with a few recipes to share. While looking, I started to venture away from recipe inspiration and towards table inspiration. My mother grew up with her mother always decorating the house for holidays. Not just a centerpiece, my grandmother went all out. She FULLY decorated every room to reflect the holiday. While my mom does not decorate the entire house, she loves setting her kitchen and dining room tables with a holiday inspired centerpiece. Pinterest seemed the most logical place to share some ideas with her.

I found some really cool looking stuff. While the cabinet in my kitchen sits stuffed full of Easter candy, plastic green grass and jellybeans, these tablescapes put what I could possibly muster together to shame. I think I may need to step up my game. lol

I absolutely love the simplistic and slightly country charm of this table by Jenny Steffens

These two tablescapes incorporate the use of white (which is my all time favorite color of choice for dinnerware). It looks so fresh, clean and striking. Find them and more inspiration at Everything Fabulous.

The carrots in this tabescape are so cute! I love the idea of instead of the stems, there is a gorgeous array of fresh flowers. The personalized simple eggs make a great name card alternative. I found this at Love Grows Wild.

I guess, I will go back for more inspiration...I seriously cannot get enough of these gorgeous tables!


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