Back To Basics...

8:03 PM

The weather here, as with most places has been all over the place. Usually, Mississippi has cleared and defined seasons, but this year, we have seen the 70's and 80s one day and then back to the 30s the next.  Seriously, the weather is so indecisive...make up your mind already! Sheesh!

Today was a day of incredible weather. We had sun, we had a light cooling breeze, but minus the still icky brown grass and bare trees, it felt like spring. 

Each Friday, ever since I was a kid, my mom had Fun Food Friday. During the week, we would wash our hands, set the table and sit as a family and enjoy a full course hot meal. On Friday, we came home from school to 'fun food' mom's home made pizza, sub sandwiches, tacos, etc. It was stuff we usually would want to indulge on at fast food restaurants but my mom brought it home to us and what made it even more special is that she made it. As a mom, my self, I carry on that tradition on Fridays. Since today was so gorgeous, we decided to take FFF outside. We all sat around made our own sandwiches and talked. With a radio playing softly in the background, we were old school...disconnected from disturbances, enjoying the nice breeze and each other. 

It is amazing how something as simple as going outside can make dinner so much more enjoyable. I plan do do a lot more of this as it gets warmer...even planning a 'camp out' in the back yard for my kids complete with ghost stories and counting stars.  Sometimes you have to go back to the basics. 

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