Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup: Holiday Leftover edition

4:04 PM

Christmas is officially over and we are now looking forward to the new year. The day after Christmas sometimes we just don't know what to do with leftovers but sometimes they can make a nice hearty and delicious soup! I made a chicken noodle soup to help warm my kids up during these cold Mississippi days and it was perfect. Of course, I used leftovers but you can easily make this soup with the ingredients fresh.

For Christmas dinner I made pineapple honey glazed carrots, brown sugar and bacon green beans, grilled chicken. I made much more, but these leftovers made for a perfect soup! I also had grilled huge onion steaks that I chopped up for this recipe and oh my word...yes! 

You will need:
3 grilled chicken breasts
2 cups of steamed green beans (crumbled bacon optional)
2 maggi chicken bouillon cubes
6 cups of water
1 bag of egg noodles
4 roasted carrots sliced
1/4 of whole onion, chopped

Pour water in large pot and add bouillon cubes. Bring to a boil and add in noodles, reduce heat to medium. Chop carrots and add them to pot. Chop beans into thirds and add to pot. Add your chopped onion and then dice your chicken. At this point, you can taste the liquid in your soup and add a little salt/pepper to your liking.  Reduce heat to low and serve hot once noodles are tender.

Since you are cooking with already cooked ingredients, this soup does not take long at all. Just wait for the noodles to become tender and voila! You are done!

Quick easy idea and great way to use leftover chicken you may have. If you have fresh carrots, skin them and you can bake them in a little olive oil at 350 until tender, so about 40 minutes. You can also use frozen carrots and beans. 

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