Easy Chocolate Covered Waffles

1:37 PM

Who said that a nice winter treat has to be hard? I went to the local grocery store this weekend and found a huge bag of vanilla Belgium waffles. These are like little bursts of heaven in your mouth. No need for syrup, they have a cake like texture that is divine. Yes, please!  My kids are in love with them. Being that it got extremely cold here (literally, overnight...one day it was 70 degrees and the next 36) I made the kids hot cocoa after we lit the tree for the night. Can't just serve em hot cocoa, so I pulled the bag of waffles from the freezer, melted some white chocolate chips and crushed some peppermint. Instant waffle-y goodness and even some marshmallows!

Melt 2 cups of white chocolate or chocolate chips in a double boiler ( I never have luck microwaving chocolate)

Crush your peppermint of candy cane and place on a plate.

Once chocolate has melted, dip your waffles in it or spoon and spread it over the waffle. Coat in crushed candy and place on a wax sheet to dry.

Easy peasy. Told ya!

I used Martha Stewart's Hot Cocoa recipe minus the salt.

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