10:48 PM

While he was supposed to be watching tv in the den, I rounded the corner from the kitchen into the living room to find my oldest son digging into the bag of wrapped gifts. I slowly backed away, went and got my camera and stealthily came back and snapped this photo. I could not help but laugh and remember those days when I was his age. He so did not inherit my gift peeking skills because by the time I was his age, I had mastered the fine art of unwrapping corners in effort to uncover the mystery contents within those beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. Much to learn, dear child, much to learn. 

Oh how I love this time of seriously. When I was a kid, I loved the anticipation and presents but now that I am a mom, it is the anticipation of my children's anticipation and it is the joy and sheer niceness that people seem to exude this time of year. The music, the food, the parties, the gatherings, it all is what makes this season so great to me...and the topper that is the icing on the cake is that my children and I get to enjoy the TRUE meaning of Christmas....they understand it, I love it...we share it.

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