10:21 AM

These are my children. These are the loves of my lives. These are also known to wreak havoc and claim that all of your belongings are theirs. 

Here I am sitting in the airport waiting on my ride to come pick me up and take me home. I left for only 4 full days but somehow those 4 days seem like not enough time all while seemingly lasting a lifetime. I made a trek to New York City for the first time e.v.e.r. and where has that city been all of my life? I usually do not do touristy things and my last night there was spent with me hanging with the locals in lower Manhattan with not a tourist in sight. It was good. I took lots of photos, met some amazing people and had a generally great time. But, one thing is certain, as I sit here in this airport I can only think of one thing:

Getting home to see my babies. Even if they are not exactly babies anymore, I cannot wait to see the smile of my children and I know they will smile extra big because mama came back bearing gifts.

Ohhhh, have I mentioned how excited I am about this cool weather we are having. Soup season! Yes! Now if I can decide which set of bowls to get from Williams Sonoma.

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