Freebie Friday: Printable Recipe Cards

9:08 PM

Earlier today I started flipping through some cookbooks that I got at our local library for twenty-five cents each. As I looked through the outdated photos and recipes, I saw many that I liked. As I folded down the corner of pages featuring recipes I liked, I thought, hmmmmm, I should write these down. For my birthday a great friend surprised me with flowers, my favorite candy and a recipe box. The style of the recipe box was not particularly my style but I love it. Too bad I have never used it... Ok, back on I am flipping through the cook book, folding down pages and I decided then and there that I need to keep track of these recipes. Sure, I post them online, but what happens when the internet is down and you can't pass down websites and internet information to family like you can a recipe box full of handwritten or neatly typed dishes for them to try, remember and in return pass on. 

So, I made these cards. I love them. I cannot wait to take that extra time to jot down recipes that I make, I find and put them in my recipe box. It should make for some good memories and something I really want to pass down to my kids.

Enjoy this freebie! 

*I am using scribd for the first time, please comment if the printable does not print correctly.

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