Best Burger Ever....

2:49 PM

I am a huge fan of making sandwiches and burgers. They are super easy, most of the time really quick to make and there are just so many delicious possibilities.  I was on a bleu cheese burger kick but last night I had a bag of sun dried tomatoes that I had left over from a dip I made and I wanted to use them. To me, sun dried tomatoes can be a bit too chewey for my liking but I decided to saute them with fresh cut mushroom and sliced red onion. Oh my--WIN!

You will need:
Sun dried tomatoes 
red onion (sliced)
mushrooms (sliced)
Creole Seasoning to taste (You should be able to find this at your grocery is called Creole Seasoning--any brand)

(For one burger I used: 2 mushrooms, 1 slice of red onion (about 5 rings), 1 tbsp of sun dried tomato)

I cooked my burgers as I normally do...I use a griddle to cook them on. After they were done, I did a quick wipe down of the griddle and added the onions, mushroom and tomato with a dash of creole seasoning. Cook until mushrooms are tender and onions become translucent. 

I used King Hawaiian Hamburger Buns toasted, added a little lettuce, my burger with pepperjack cheese and topped with my new favorite burger topping. This was so good, I think my mouth started convulsing a little bit. 

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