Southern Birthday Party

10:09 PM

Here in the south, we love us some crawfish. Hot dang, they are delicious bad boys. My daughter turned 9 today and I am always a procrastinator. I had this grand idea of a Japanese inspired birthday party, complete with a custom made kimono and pillows on the floor. I had planned out the entire menu. But when I traveled to Chicago and experienced Target for the first time, my elaborate birthday plans for my daughter flew completely out the window. Like, seriously, how could I pass up those cute french fry containers and they were only $1!?

I don't even know what to call this party. We had crawfish, hot dogs, burgers and instead of cake I did donuts and cherries with strawberries. Super easy and the best part--all under $100 with food included. Seriously it rocked.

BTW, iffin you are evah in Starkville, Mississippi during crawfish season, you HAFTA stop by The Rubba Boot. The crawfish is to die for. I am dead now posting this and thinking about the goodness and spiciness of  these badboys.

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