Mini Shepherd's Pie....

8:21 PM

So my cousin, Catina Williams called me the other day and told me she had something she wanted me to try. She came over with a plate of these, they were cold from being in the refrigerator but they were so cute, I wanted to try one then. I ended up eating all ten of them, cold and all and asked her if she would please, please, please make some more for me to photograph. And she did!

We are huge shepherd's pie lovers here and these bite size pies are perfect for any party or brunch. You would be the hit of any potluck with these!

The phyllo crust adds the perfect crunch to them and is a great contrast to the other textures of the meat and mashed potatoes. She added bacon on top of hers but you can easily just top with a small mound of shredded cheese.

You will need:
phyllo mini tart cups
ground beef (1 pound is more than enough)
salt/pepper to taste
mashed potatoes
      (to fill about 30 mini pies, peel and cut 2 large potatoes into quarters. Place in pot of boiling water...add chicken bouillon cube and let cook until potatoes are tender.  Pour out  the broth into a measuring cup or bowl, you will need it.  Begin mashing the potatoes, slowly adding in the stock for moisture and creaminess, add in a tablespoon of sour cream...mash well)
red/yellow and orange bell pepper (about 1/4th of each--diced)
bacon (optional)
cheese (optional)

Brown ground beef adding salt and pepper to taste.  Drain grease.  Fill the phyllo cups with a spoonful of beef, top with diced peppers and dollop of potatoes.  Place in oven until warm for about 15 -20 minutes. Remove and top with bacon or cheese.

These are so delicious. I have no idea where they have been all my life. Thank you to my cousin for sharing these with me, I will definitely be making them soon!

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