Easy Southern Fried Chicken....

9:06 PM

I get asked quite a bit how I get my fried chicken so crispy. It really is easy.  

I use flour, seasoning (usually creole but you can use salt and pepper or even lemon pepper or garlic seasoning) and water.

In two separate containers, I place in one flour...the other water. That's right, I do not use an egg mixture or milk. In the water, I season it with my seasoning.  A nice liberal heaping of it. I stir to mix.

I usually coat the top of the flour with seasoning and then mix it.

I rinse the chicken and then coat in the flour.  After coating the chicken in flour, I dip it into the water, then back into the flour. My thing is, I press the chicken into the flour, sprinkle the flour, press, allowing the moistness from the chicken and water to really allow the flour to stick. 

I then deep fry it in vegetable oil on medium heat. The oil needs to be hot so that it is sizzling as soon as you place the chicken into it, then turn it down to medium so you do not burn the oil. When it starts turning golden, poke with a fork. When the juices run clear instead of cloudy, it is done. 

And that is it! The coating will be super crispy and it is perfect for gravy or to make a southern style chicken parmesan that will not get soggy.

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