Easy Breakfast Scrambles....

2:07 PM

Repost...revisiting this easy breakfast idea!

For the mom on the go, breakfast does not have to be hard. A few months ago, I saw these at my local grocery store. No more spending time shredding potatoes or passing on fresh hash browns because I did not have the time to shred. These are shredded raw potatoes and perfect!

Using my griddle, I placed a two tbsp of butter on to the top of the griddle per cup of hash browns.  Then I put the cup of potatoes on top of the melting butter on meduim-high heat.  Season with just a little salt and pepper and cook until the under side begins to get crisp and brown. Flip over.

On the same griddle, I began browning my ground sausage. I sliced the sausage roll into 4 one inch thick slices and then begin to crumble them and cook. Let the grease drain. When done, fold the sausage into the hash browns. Turn heat of griddle to low.

Scramble your eggs the way you normally do and then fold those into your hash browns and sausage. You can top with shredded cheese.

Here is a variation.  I cooked the hash browns (salt and pepper), sauteed 1 cup of fresh spinach in butter with 1/2 tsp of salt, and folded the two together. Once done, I placed the hash browns in a cast iron skillet and topped with an egg. I then put it into the oven on broil until the egg whites were, well, white.  I finished this skillet with two cooked sausages. 

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