Bleu Cheese Jalapeno & Mushroom Burger....

12:39 AM

I love, love, love using my griddle. It is amazing and cooks so many things. I cooked this entire burger on it and my was it tasty.

You will need (Makes 6 burgers):

Bleu Cheese Crumbles
Ground Beef (2.5 pounds)
Ciabatta Rolls
Bacon (2 strips per burger) Hamburger Seasoning(8 tsps for 2.5 pounds of beef, season as desired if making less)
4 whole jalapenos (I used canned, they are softer and spicier)
Fresh Baby Portobello Mushrooms (cleaned and sliced)

Season ground beef well. You can add more or less of the seasoning if you like. 

With griddle or pan on medium heat, add beef that you have formed into patties.

Slice mushrooms and peppers and add them to the griddle. Cook until mushrooms look like the photo and are tender.

Once burgers have cooked, top with crumbled bleu cheese. I used a glass bowl to cover the patties in order to get the bleu cheese to melt. Cook bacon. 

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