Chicken Bacon Apple Wraps

12:22 PM

I love a light lunch for my son that I homeschool. One of our favorite things to make for lunch are wraps. It is always fun coming up with different fillings for them and usually they are a meal within themselves only requiring a nice addition of a cup of juice or milk for him.

For these wraps, you need:

Boneless skinless chicken breast (each breast will make 3-4 wraps)
Fresh Spinach and Chopped Romaine
Shredded Cheese (3 tablespoons per wrap or more if you want more cheese)
Bacon (cooked and crumbled...I used 1 slice crumbled per wrap)
Diced granny smith apples
Flour tortillas
Ranch dressing

Cook chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper in skillet on meduim until juices run clear when poked with a fork all the way through. I also cook my chicken breasts in about 2 tbsp of butter for taste, but it is optional.

Once done, begin shredding the chicken when it has cooled. The best way to shred chicken is to use two forks, one to hold the chicken in place and the other to begin 'scraping' the meat away.

Now begin assembling your wrap.

I coated the flour tortilla with a generous slather of ranch dressing, then added the shredded cheese, spinach, romaine and then apple and bacon pieces to the edge of the tortilla. Take the edge and fold over the filling, tightly tucking it just under the filling and then begin rolling. Slice in half and there you go! A delicious lunch!

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