Easy Homemade Fish Sticks

8:44 PM

I admit, I was one of those moms who bought the huge $7 bag of a gazillion fish sticks for my kids.
It made for a super quick dinner. Today, I decided, nope, no more bagged minced fish meat sticks for my kids....we need better! 

These are so easy.  You need...

Fish (I used tilapia)
Seasoning (I used Creole Seasoning, added to the cornmeal)

I found it easier to slice the fish if it was slightly frozen. It made the cuts smoother and easier.  Slice the fish into strips, you can cut off the ends for straight blunt edges.

Dip the sticks into cornmeal, then water, then into breadcrumbs. I press down when  coating in the breadcrumbs to make sure it sticks.  

Then fry in vegetable oil until brown.

Seriously, you will love these! My kids said they do not want bagged fish sticks again!

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  1. I can't stand fish but I ate fishsticks as a kid without any tantrums. Loved them actually... guess I'll eat anything fish if it isn't "real" fish. lol I love imitation crab but HATE the real thing... but then isn't imitation crab actually a fish? I CRIED when I smelled scallops for the first time cause it freaked out me out bad it was. 0_0

    This post just made me think though... what if I take fresh fish and mince it up so that the texture is more like the frozen bagged kind? Do you think I could fool myself that way? If so, how would I hold all the minced fish together? Breadcrumbs and egg like a meatloaf? 0_o

    -Cassandra :0)

    1. lol I understand :)

      You can always try mincing the fresh fish in a blender. Once it is minced, you should be able to form into sticks without egg....the moisture in the fish may be enough to hold it...if not, add in an egg, form into sticks and then coat in breadcrumbs for frying. This has given me the notion to try it. I will try it out and post how it goes!


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