New York Strip and Garlic Pepper Shrimp

8:55 PM

Dinner tonight consisted of New York Strips. I love a good steak and when I ask most people, they all chime in that they like Ribeye the best.  I have not ever tried a ribeye (sad,  I know)...but of the ones I have tried, I just cannot get enough of the New York strip. 

I prepared this steak very simply....seasoned with coarse sea salt and fresh  ground peppercorn and seared it with a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

I used fresh meaty mushrooms that I cleaned well (seriously guys, clean the mushrooms! They are filthy!) and sliced.  I sauteed the mushrooms and shrimp in butter, then I drained and used a packet of Southern Belle Simply Fresh Garlic Pepper sauce.  Seriously this stuff is amazing!

I boiled the sliced potatoes I cut for about 15 minutes,drained, then placed in the oven topped with rosemary, oregano, evoo,and salt and pepper.  

The salad is made from "Artisan Lettuce"...seriously amazing stuff! Freshly crumbled feta and roasted red peppers. Oh My GOD,  you must try.

Simple meal, easy and quick to make.  Oh, did I forget delicious? Mmmmmm!

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