Taco Wontons

4:06 PM

There are two ways you can make your wonton shells. One is by folding the wrappers over the oven rack and baking until stiff.  The other way allows for a crispier, more airy shell but takes time. I placed the wonton wrapper in hot vegetable oil flat...then as soon as it starts to fry and get the air bubbles, I folded it over with a fork, holding it up slightly so that it would have the opening for the stuffing.

These were absolutely delicious. I filled some with taco beef and others with chicken.

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  1. Wow, this is genius! I like it so much better than the tortilla option!

    1. The crispy lightness from the wontons makes them so delicious! These will be a staple at my next party.

  2. Perfect for a Girls Only - Margarita Night!


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