Cheese Taco Shells...

9:54 PM

My mother is a big fan of Spanish and Mexican inspired foods. Being from Texas, she loves asking me to make Spanish and Mexican dishes. We are always eating some sort of taco around here. Since Hungry Dudes posted the bacon taco that I made, I wanted to try the cheese one. For this one, I filled it with scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. It was so good!

I used a griddle to make the cheese shells. I sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese on the griddle set to high. It will start to bubble and then it will form a harder crust like appearance. I turned the griddle off at that point, waited for it to cool just a bit and filled it. Fold it over and let it rest and it hardens. 

Cake Batter Pancakes...

1:29 AM

When Mickey Dee's had the griddle cake sandwiches, I was in heaven. I was not a fan of the sausage patties but the breading that sandwiched those bad boys together was divine. It was sweet and oh so good. Imagine my delight when I saw cake batter pancakes popping up all over the internet. Simple, easy and takes like um, a few minutes to make.  1/3 dry cake mix of your choice to 2/3 pancake mix. Oh yeah. So good you do not need syrup!

Summer Berries...

11:41 AM

It is no secret that I love berries. During the summer most of my desserts consist of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, heck any type of berry.  Sometimes I wish we had berry patches around town...that would be amazing and an adventure my children would definitely enjoy.

I do not even have a name for this dessert but boy was it good.  I took flour tortillas and deep fried them in vegetable oil until golden and bubbly. Immediately after removing them from the oil, I coated them in a cinnamon and sugar mix.  I topped it off with a scoop of ice cream and berries for my children, but for myself I used a sweetened marscapone cheese. A honey drizzle adds a nice finishing touch.  

Seriously, how cute would this be as individual desserts at a dinner party or reception?

I always wanted to make something using wonton and eggroll wrappers. I am not too fond of traditional eggrolls but thought it would be nice to use the wrappers for a dessert. The eggrolls are stuffed with cheesecake filling, sliced fresh berries and then deep fried. Add a sprinkle of powdered sugar or add a chocolate drizzle or dipping sauce for a nice added touch. 

Taco Wontons

4:06 PM

There are two ways you can make your wonton shells. One is by folding the wrappers over the oven rack and baking until stiff.  The other way allows for a crispier, more airy shell but takes time. I placed the wonton wrapper in hot vegetable oil flat...then as soon as it starts to fry and get the air bubbles, I folded it over with a fork, holding it up slightly so that it would have the opening for the stuffing.

These were absolutely delicious. I filled some with taco beef and others with chicken.

Here Comes The Bride...Um, the Show Flyer...

12:08 AM

 I just finished this custom design for a local bridal show. I am so happy with it.

Me thinks pink and black are such cool colors. Woosah. This was fab!

If you are interested in custom bridal, baby, flyer announcements contact me at

Sometimes I fill my pockets with petals...

1:17 PM

Working on a custom logo design for a wonderful and amazing client, Pocketful Of Rosies. She has the most classic and amazing line of hair accessories and necklaces that are simple and beautiful touches to any outfit or dress! How happy I am that she has decided to start her own photography business!

I really love that she can custom make a necklace to fit almost any love, hobby or profession! Check out these lovelies.

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